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We'll Make

You Interesting

Stand out with videos too good to ignore

A Smarter Approach to Social Media

Options for everyone

Available on location as video leads, remotely editing short form content, or somewhere in between,

Versatility in Video

We can help you plan, film, and execute content, e-learning, funnel assets and pure edits from pre-made longform.

Specializing in Short Form

Perfectly aligned with the short form and mass content age of social media. We create to engage and we do it natively for short form.

Full Customer Service Experience

After taking clients from never posting to 10k+ views we've learned all the ways to support our clients in their journey

No more talking heads

So much content sounds and feels the same. Sol Media is at war with talking heads and boring content. 

Social Media Strategy and Implementation Custom Tailored For Your Goals

We're on a mission to rewrite what it means to work with a social agency. We focus on the lifeblood of social media - the content. We work from capturing content to the edit and posting and have created millions of views for us and our clients. 

Sol Media will make you interesting. 


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Total Views


Happy Clients


Videos Uploaded


Industry Awards

Experience from execution
We've spent the time and effort necessary to find the secrets of social media content creation and organic growth. By working with us there is no question we will be the driving force behind your skyrocketing brand.

Our Partners

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Our Services

How it works

Sol Media was created to stop boring talking heads and give businesses an easy and straightforward way to create viral content with no confusion and no hassle. 

Competing in the modern video landscape is crucial to any businesses growth and so many business operators are already deeply busy with ... operating their business. 

Let's explore how you and Sol Media will work together!


Easy as ABC


It all starts by reaching out. Schedule a time to talk with us at your convenience here 


On our call we go through discovery to figure out how exactly our services can help you towards your goals 


With a plan set we start working, whether that means scheduling our shoots or receiving client footage.

Services for every occasion

Done For You

Tailored solutions for market and niches
Short Form, Long Form, Editing, and Distribution

Business owners are already extremely busy operating businesses and need a done-for-you solution that takes minimal time and effort on their end. 

Many of our clients fall into this category and for them we plan content shoots, delivery, and facilitate the creation, editing, and distribution all in-house.


Video, Editing, Distribution

We offer all of our services as standalone products 

Some businesses already have media plans and content strategies and simply need someone to capture video or edit cuts of video they already have.

We're happy to help fill any gaps of your current content and media strategy !


Guidance for growth

We are always available to help facilitate growth by consulting 

We are happy to help clients navigate their way in the constantly changing video environment of today. We use our experience launching thousands of videos and helping dozens of clients to deliver you actionable advice formulated for your niche and offer.


Success Stories from Sol

We help clients go from nothing to something and many experience huge growth from regular viral content.

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