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Our Mission

We're on a mission to stop talking heads and help businesses finally create and post the content they deserve and their customers love.


The Sol Media Story

From the Beginning

Our work starts and ends with one goal: to stop boring talking heads. Social media, short form video, and even long form video has been overrun with boring talkers that do no help for their audiences or for themmselves.

Our goal in creating Sol Media is to stop this and show our clients there is a better way...

It is possible to create engaging content that audiences love and actually drives results to businesses.

The way we create outsized results is extremely simple :

We help clients find content they can create regularly with as little stress as possible, then we help to plan, shoot, edit, and ultimately deliver the content. 

We take current trends, industry comparables, and our experience releasing thousands of videos to help clients figure out where exactly to start. 

Using our expertise, dynamic team, and industry standard equipment; we then go to wherever our clients are located and start the Sol Media Process. Whether local or across the nation we are happy to come to you, spending however long it takes together, to create content that will make your business scale and bring new customers through the door. 


Results that matter

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